Jun 192014
conversation with Suk Joon Jang

Aboriginal art Questions: What are the meanings of marks and their placements? How do these paintings function as social, mythical and geographical maps? —— My personal ideas based off of my own work and research (notes recorded from memory after the conversation): dots are important meaning (centers?) distances between dots seems to conform to idealized […]

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Feb 032014
Interview in Hy.Gen.Ic by Sarah Mendelsohn

DAY 18 – ON THE ROAD WITH GEOFFREY OWEN MILLER “How can I celebrate him? I took it on myself to do everything that he should have done in this world, I tried to carry that a little bit myself. That’s when I took on his name as my middle name.” — Geoffrey Owen Miller, […]

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Sep 292012

I dreamt last night about fighting zombies. It was a dream where the unreal and the sensation of reality mixed in ways only dreaming can. What my subconscious taught me about this hypothetical threat is the danger in zombies is their lack of fear. The weapon I had could, and did, fell many of the […]

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Jun 032012

“Ten Theses on Politics” is available online: http://kcleuresearch.wordpress.com/2010/04/01/ranciere-ten-theses-on-politics/ Here are some things: From Wiki: Thersites was a soldier of the Greek army during the Trojan War. In the Iliad, he does not have a father’s name, which may suggest that he should be viewed as a commoner rather than an aristocratic hero. Homer described him […]

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