Jul 042014
RE: Sirius Twinkling

Photographer: David Lynch Summary Author: David Lynch Twinkling is the rapid fluctuation in brightness and color of a star. It’s caused by slight changes in density of air pockets called “seeing cells” that move across the observer’s line of sight. Air’s refractive index is determined, in part, by its density. Such undulations cause slight, momentary defocusing of the starlight resulting in brightness changes, also […]

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Feb 032014
Interview in Hy.Gen.Ic by Sarah Mendelsohn

DAY 18 – ON THE ROAD WITH GEOFFREY OWEN MILLER “How can I celebrate him? I took it on myself to do everything that he should have done in this world, I tried to carry that a little bit myself. That’s when I took on his name as my middle name.” — Geoffrey Owen Miller, […]

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Jul 162013
Mars Sunset

      Notice the lack of Raleigh scattering as there is no atmosphere to scatter the blue light. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/dd/MarsSunsetCut.jpg

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May 142013
Navigational Chart (Rebbilib)

Made from the sticklike midribs of coconut palm fronds, these objects were memory aids, created for personal use or to instruct novices, and the significance of each was known only to its maker. The charts were exclusively used on land, prior to a voyage. To carry one at sea would put a navigator’s skill in […]

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Mar 112013

http://www.datapointed.net/visualizations/color/crayola-crayon-chart-bow/ http://www.datapointed.net/visualizations/color/crayola-crayon-chart/  

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Feb 092013
This Red Door

http://www.thisreddoor.com/ —–>     Wednesday, January 30th, @ 7pm sdv Critical Inversions – Artist to Critic, and the Publics in Between sdv A discussion with critic Ken Johnson, artist Lisa Corinne Davis, artist Anoka Faruqee and possible special guests   <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/3L_NnX8oj-g” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe> http://youtu.be/3L_NnX8oj-g kimberly hennessy

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Nov 302012
Hoya cry

Open my camera case to find my camera filter shattered. Had to bend it to remove it- real nervous about the status of the lens and camera.

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Oct 232012
Fucked up baby carrot

This shook my world. I thought I knew how baby carrots were manufactures but this threw that out the window.

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Oct 022012
Bob Log the III

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Sep 302012

  Tardigrades have been known to withstand the following extremes while in this state: Temperature – tardigrades can survive being heated for a few minutes to 151 °C (424 K),[21] or being chilled for days at -200 °C (73 K),[21] or for a few minutes at -272 °C (~1 degree above absolute zero).[22] Pressure – they can withstand the extremely low pressure of a vacuum and […]

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Sep 242012
End of the world

My Brazilian friends shared this with me, after talking about politics.

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Sep 092012
That must of hurt

I watched a man break this barrier gate arm– with his face– this morning while he was riding his bike.

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Daily Show reposts

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Sep 022012

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,The Daily Show on Facebook The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,The Daily Show on Facebook

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Aug 262012

“You are never wrong” -a man I think was named Sean Ficher Your browser does not support the video tag

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Aug 262012

This Nokia was rediscovered after spending a year outside among some weeds, he owner proud of this history though he also said “I have to admit it is not a pleasure to text with” –

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Aug 252012

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Aug 202012
Post Parallel

  Post Parallel Special Guests: Genevieve Allison, Jungah Kim, Naomi Reis and Katia Santibanez July 27th-Aug 27th 57 Grand Street Brooklyn, NY 11211 The interest in the works I like often revolves around moments where simple perfectionism is superseded or undermined by the discovery of other relationships in the process of making the work. Parallel […]

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Jul 102012
Jungah Kim, Brooklyn Rail

Kim shares her modestly sized studio with two other artists. Born and raised in Korea, the 29-year-old artist has lived in New York since 2008. Her workspace felt open, airy and serious. She, her fellow artists and their friends, were intently engaged in prolonged, focused conversations throughout the room. “I work within limits,” Kim replied […]

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Jun 272012
$ of Big Cities

                    Reposted: http://thesocietypages.org/socimages/2012/06/27/the-economic-importance-of-u-s-cities/

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Jun 212012
Found at a gas station

Dobson fly. These insects live for years as aquatic larva– known as Hellgrammites. Upon emerging, they live for only seven days.     Monster Magnificent by Jen Hirt | Mon Jan 14 2013 I found on the sidewalk one day a catastrophe of insects. The legs of a walking stick braced under the cellophane wings […]

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Jun 192012
Install- Hudson, NY: Whale Hunt

  The Whale Hunt: Paintings June 21- July 15, 2012 Reception: Saturday, June 23 6-8pm John Davis Gallery 362 1/2 Warren St. Hudson, NY 12534 install: 3 days $650

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Jun 152012
New Bike

Craigslist Peugeot after my Fuji was stolen again. Fenders, permanent AAA battery lights, bell are worth their added weight in my opinion–I’m not a fair weather rider. Wish the lock was lighter, but that is the price of security. Reversed the handlebars so I would have access to the brakes in my natural riding position. Orange handlebar […]

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Jun 052012
The farthest view of home

Pale Blue Dot “If the earth was generated, then, it must have been formed in this way, and so clearly its generation was spherical; and if it is ungenerated and has remained so always, its character must be that which the initial generation, if it had occurred, would have given it. But the spherical shape, […]

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Jun 012012
Horseshoe crabs

  Estimated to be at least 300 million years old (100 million years older than the dinosaurs) Newly laid horseshoe crab eggs are opaque, pastel-green in color, and about 1.5 mm (1/16 inch) in diameter. After fertilization, the eggs begin to develop into trilobite larvae. By day five, miniature legs are visible inside the translucent […]

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Jun 012012

[advanced_iframe securitykey=”1121″ src=”http://artarchives.net/2/control/ALLAN5.html” width=”600px” height=”500px” scrolling=”no” marginwidth=”5px” marginheight=”5px” id=”” name=”” frameborder=”” content_id=”” content_styles=”” hide_elements=”” class=”” url_forward_parameter=”http://artarchives.net/2/control/ALLAN5.html”]   here

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